Renew Your Wedding Vows

in Brisbane and Moreton Bay
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Celebrate the journey of your love by renewing your wedding vows with Lorraine Mary Ceremonies in Brisbane, Moreton Bay or on the Sunshine Coast. We provide heartfelt vow renewal ceremonies that honour your enduring love story.

A Meaningful Celebration

of Your Love Story

Vow renewal ceremonies are a beautiful way to celebrate the growth and strength of your marriage. Lorraine’s vow renewal packages are designed to create a heartfelt and personalised experience that reflects the unique journey you and your partner have shared. Let Lorraine create a memorable ceremony for you.

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Renewing Your Marriage Vows - Embrace the Joy

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Renewing your marriage vows is an opportunity to embrace the joy and cherished memories of your journey together. It allows you to reaffirm your love, commitment and shared dreams. Lorraine will help you create a meaningful and authentic celebration of your enduring love.

Celebrate Milestone Moments with Vow Renewals

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Vow renewals are not limited to milestone anniversaries alone. They can also be a way to celebrate significant life events or overcome challenges together as a couple. A vow renewal ceremony is a touching and personal way to mark these special moments.


the Magic

Take a glimpse into the vow renewal ceremonies we have had the privilege to be a part of. Our image gallery captures the joy, love, and heartfelt moments of couples reaffirming their vows. Let these images inspire your own vow renewal ceremony.

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Reach out to Lorraine Mary Ceremonies on 0402 332 618 to discuss your vow renewal plans in Brisbane, Moreton Bay or on the Sunshine Coast and let us create a heartfelt ceremony.